Omot has had an interesting relationship with coffee. Born and raised in Gambella, Ethiopia, he moved to America at 11 years old. But growing up In Africa allowed him to learn the charm of warm and rich culture. Though too young to drink coffee, Omot watched adults around him drink coffee during lavish events, extravagant ceremonies, or intimate family dinners. From what he can remember coffee was never a beverage to boost energy.

Fast forward to 2010, Omot was preparing a thesis project but was having a hard time focusing. Distracted, tired, unmotivated, and an unhealthy amount of energy drinks just to get a few school assignments done. For a while, there was no other alternative until his roommate took him to the nearest Starbucks on 2551 N Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211. The initial reaction was rather unpleasant. "At first it was gross and I couldn't believe people actually drink that stuff." To his surprise, when they sat down to do some work, he found the environment calming, relaxing with the smell of coffee kept him focused. "Sipping on hot gross coffee was giving me a type of different energy."

From then on, Omot has been drinking coffee. Now working as a professional freelance creator, every morning starts with grinding coffee before touching any work. Through determination and drive, Omot is following his dreams and will always be appreciative of the coffee that gets him through the daily grind.

So he wants to empower people to follow their dreams, especially black and brown people who face many obstacles. A cup of fresh Afro-Grind Coffee is your daily inspiration and a reminder to continue grinding through the struggle.